Matt Hersh

Strategy Consultant. Business Coach.


Who i work with

Matt works with pioneers who have a compelling vision and drive toward it in the way they know how – striving for excellence at each step, at the expense of most other things.

You are not getting where you need to, are not sure how to get there, and when you try, get so wrapped up in your own paradigm that you struggle to most effectively apply your limited time and resources toward the decisions and actions that matter most.

what i do

I look at your goals with a big-picture approach, adds clarity, strategy, structure, and confidently map out the path of growth…


You understand how much you’ve learned along the way and don’t need to follow the old story, own your greatest strengths and can apply them, and you pivot toward where the real value and impact lies.
…to infinity, and beyond 🚀

About Matt

The Brand X Method™

We Build Formidable Humans

Co-Owner & Chief Operating Officer 

Matt is dedicated to solidifying The Brand X Method’s position as the world leader in youth fitness by strategically scaling the safest and most effective youth training platform, while unrelentingly upholding the mission of The Brand X Method: to do what is best for kids.

Coaching Coaches

Matt is a former management consultant who applies principles from corporate strategy and >$100 million M&A deals, to his on-the-ground experience in and passion for health, fitness, and coaching.

Matt has developed a niche helping coach educators and certification providers in the fitness industry to build mission-driven brands, scale global organizations, and achieve progressive bottom lines.

Coaching Corporations

Prior to fitness business consulting, Matt worked at  L.E.K. Consulting, a leading global strategy consulting firm, where he advised clients on critical financial, strategic, and operational issues.

At L.E.K., Matt worked on more than a dozen projects with various clients across industries, including due diligence M&A deals and strategy projects focused on creating roadmaps to value creation and sustainable long-term growth.

Clients included private equity firms, multinational corporations, industrial conglomerates, biotech and pharma companies, and consumer-facing medium-size enterprises.

Coaching Athletes

Matt has worked with select individuals, on a one-on-one basis to improve body composition, physical fitness, and mental performance, within the context of the individual’s lifestyle constraints and broader ambitions.

He holds multiple health & fitness certifications, including NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and The Brand X Method Basic, Advanced, and Youth Barbell Coach.

Matt is a published author in peer reviewed medical journal, Elsevier, and a research contributor to publications focusing on cardiology and biomechanics.

Speaking & Writing

Matt is a keynote speaker and workplace wellness workshop facilitator. He has worked with employees of organizations ranging from small business to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Matt is the author of – a blog started while working intensive hours as a corporate management consultant, dedicated to the documentation and synthesis of experiments to improve physical fitness and mental performance within career constraints.

Matt's favorite post details how he lost 47% of his body fat in 4.7 months while working 60+ hours per week in an office.


Matt graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Bioengineering, followed by Dartmouth College with a Master of Engineering Management.


Aside from business and fitness, Matt loves to travel, surf, scuba dive, hike, and cook bulk quantities of paleo-esque meals. Matt currently resides in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California 🤙🏻


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    Clients & Keynotes

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        What clients are saying


        “… Each day of this engagement with Matt was so powerful that if we stopped this 20-day engagement after 3 days, I would have felt like the return far exceeded the cost. I think that’s what it comes down to …”CHET MORJARIA (@chetmorjaria), FOUNDER OF STRENGTH EDUCATION


        “… Matt has the vision, insight, and advice that can only support, grow, and expand your mission …”MIKKI MARTIN (@jeff-mikki martin), CO-FOUNDER OF THE BRAND X METHOD


        “… After consulting with Matt, I lost 50 pounds in 5 months and feel better than ever. I feel like I’m operating at full potential. I’m able to think more clearly, sleep more deeply, and I feel energized throughout the work day. I never used to make it to the gym for my 2+ hour workouts because work would always “run late.” Now I spend only 45 minutes in the gym and focus on eating, stretching, and doing things that make me happy. I never thought it was possible to have a demanding job and maintain a healthy lifestyle until Matt showed me the way! …”NICK HALL (@HALLSTAR13), Sales Manager at Collabera Inc.


        “… My neck pain has gotten way better and my chiropractic visits (and my bills) have been cut in half. If you sit in front of a computer all day like I do, you need to attend one of Matt’s wellness workshops …”JACK MILLER (@POLITICALMILLER), Political organizer


        “… Love reading Matt’s science/data driven approach to health, fitness and wellness all while pounding 60-80 hour work weeks as a management consultant (A more relatable version of Tim Ferriss 😉) …”Atri Raychowdhury (@clearconcept), SmartBear Software